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What is Super Immunity?




I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach who has a proven track record of helping those who are HIV positive optimize their immune system.  Together we can increase your t-cells, reduce inflammation and nearly eliminate any and all side effects of the drugs you take.  Not to mention the positive side effects of losing excess weight and reducing your chances of getting a cold or even the flu.  
We all have SUPER IMMUNITY within our reach and should take achieving it seriously whether you are battling a disease or not. What if I taught you how to build immune defenses to develop SUPER IMMUNITY? Defenses so strong that you could prevent many diseases from happening and even help fight the ones you may already have? What if these same positive actions enabled you to age more slowly and maintain your youth and health throughout your life? You can take control of your health right now and TEN can show you how. How about making today the day when you put your own health on your Top TEN list and make it a priority? TEN will support you to achieve your goals and dreams to live your best life. TEN will give you a comprehensive look at your entire life and assist you to achieve a lifestyle you want and deserve. Schedule a consultation with TEN today and Tim will lead you to an amazing healthy life!

When your immune system is weakened because of lack of nutrition your body is susceptible to all sorts of diseases, including HIV. When you are HIV positive and you have these deficiencies in nutrition your immune system will not respond well and your HIV will progress. Putting it simple, super nutrition goes hand in hand with super immunity. There are certain steps you can take to keep your immunity strong and healthy and it begins with what foods you eat. My immunity programs can keep you healthy for years to come. I myself, while my medication has remained the same, have more than doubled my t-cells, got rid of brain fog, anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and excess weight. I am a happier person and I live life more fully and I promise you these changes were not difficult to make, even while having a hectic lifestyle.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of being HIV positive, please know you are not alone and I can help you live a better, healthier life. It is possible and I am living proof of it.

Today HIV is absolutely considered a manageable disease.  Indeed it is, but for those of us who are infected we know it’s not easy. I am here to make it easier and keep you healthier for a very long time.

There is no one specific way to a healthier lifestyle but there are certain steps you can take today to help achieve SUPER IMMUNITY. Every individual and situation is different and unique. To this end, TEN will work with you to design a personal and effective routine that will work to assist you wherever you are in life.

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1.  Increase your t-cells
2.  Reduce inflammation
3.  Reduce side effects of prescription drugs
4.  Reduce cholesterol
5.  Loose excess weight
6.  Reduce your chances of getting a cold or flu
7.  Reduce stress
8.  Increase energy
9.  Sleep better
10. Look younger

*** It is always important to regularly see your doctor and stay on your meds - my ability to help you comes after seeing your doctor, and in some cases, working with your doctor to find the right solutions.