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TODAY! Healthy Happy Hour!

Tim Stahl

The Healthiest Happy Hour you've ever been too is TODAY from 1-4pm! Learn about TEN and test out some of Arbonne's fabulous products. Get some tips on how you can loose weight, gain muscle, feel better while looking younger and all sorts of juicy information. You may even get a fun gift if you you play your cards right! Please RSVP to

An Update about TEN

Tim Stahl

Timothy is heading back to business school on January 11th to stay on top of the ever changing world of nutrition and to bring only the best information to his clients.
Timothy will be heading to Las Vegas for the Arbonne conference in March where he will learn about all the new healthy products being revealed and better develop his skills as a leader in the health profession so he can achieve the best results with all of his clients.
Timothy went vegan for nearly all of 2013 and his health soared! After much consideration and since November 2, 2015, Timothy decided to go back to being vegan. Although TEN truly believes in bio-individuality, for him, this is where he feels his best. So for 2016 TEN and Timothy are entering an amateur vegan body building competition, hopefully in Honolulu on June 11th. Stay tuned to watch Timothy's transformation through TEN where he will prove to himself and the world that a plant-based diet is not only viable for body building but the healthiest way to achieve such goals. He will break apart myth after myth of what it means to build muscle and be healthy.

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About my journey... What's yours?

Tim Stahl

TEN is my baby and these first three years have been mainly about me. I went back to school to learn nutrition in order to take better care of myself. My body was failing me and I wasn't feeling good at all. I went through sickness for years (puking, colds, asthma) and as an HIV positive individual my t-cells hovered around 400, not to mention the hideous depression that kept rearing its ugly face. This may be a shock to some because on the outside, when I wasn't calling in sick or canceling on someone, I was putting on a façade of "I'm fine and everything is great," when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. After endless doctor appointments, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, a few MRI's on the brain and the body, countless evaluations leading to the same blah feelings I said enough is enough. I took matters into my own hands and went to nutrition school.
I could not have asked for better results over the past few years. I stopped having severe colds and certainly never have the flu. My brain fog has disappeared and it feels like a curtain has been drawn back from my eyes. I can see the light of day better than ever before with endless energy. My laughter is back and my vomiting has stopped along with my acid reflux.  The best thing that has ever happened is that I sleep for the first time in ten years with no sleeping pills. It's like having a whole new life. My blood work is phenomenal and my t-cells now hover around 1,000 (normal is 1,200) and it's important to note that my HIV meds have remained the same throughout most of this time. What was the shift? Taking a holistic approach to wellness that includes whole foods, exercise and loving life. It's not always easy but I never want to go back to the suffering I was going through. I'm telling you now, you don't have to suffer and it's easy and simple to do.
With TEN 2.0, I want to help more people with whatever they may be battling. If it's not HIV, it doesn't matter because whatever it is, ultimately, we all want to be happy, be heard and be healthy.
So join me on my vegan journey and I will help you on yours, whatever journey that may be. Let's find out together.
Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and Happy 3rd Birthday to TEN!

Tim Stahl

TEN turning 3 TODAY, January 1st!
As Frosty once said, "Happy Birthday!"

I have a lot to be thankful for and I could not have done this without you, my health warriors. Your support and commitment over the past three years has kept me moving forward. As TEN continues to grow I embrace the core group of individuals who have been with me from the beginning. Thank you SO much and Happy New Year!

TEN 2.0 is launching in January with a brand new website and a partnership with Arbonne - a company whose products align wholly with the mission of TEN. Arbonne, like TEN, believes in helping the planet through sustainable integrative nutrition.

Keep coming back to learn more and focus on your health!