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Saturn Direct! What a summer.......


Saturn Direct! What a summer.......

Tim Stahl

Saturn direct!

It has been a tumultuous summer to say the least with so many planets in retro and the eclipses were intense, especially with them being in my sign or opposite there of. Today is indeed the last of the summer heatwaves ushering in a September of unknown and unpredictable weather with many storms on the horizon.

I must admit when I read what was in store for me at the beginning of the year, I said to myself that is nuts, I’m not moving in July.... HA. I moved on July 2nd.

As Saturn goes direct I move forward:

I forgive my ex roommate (Tony) for physically abusing me, mentally using me and stealing thousands of dollars from me. This guy threw out my Xmas tree years ago, he called me an alcoholic when the only truth there was that he was all along. But I stayed, for whatever reason I stayed, I always seem to stay in situations longer than is good for me and this lesson has finally been taught this summer and ends fully today. Does anyone else ever feel they stay in a situation too long? I do feel sorry him, more so sad...but I wish him well, for my own well-being.

What’s really crazy is that if you look at your life, whatever was happening to you in 2010 during this time, is finally coming to an end!!

I no longer apologize for who I am. I am an out and proud HIV positive gay man. I stand for peace and love and fight for what I believe, which has been the case since I was very young.

I am no longer here to please others, to make others feel comfortable and to not rock the boat. I am a lion 🦁 and a Leo and it is who I am. I’m suppose to shine and be loud and bring drama and be bright and annoying and glamorous and fucking proud of who I am.

This has caused many to run away, many to ignore and make fun of, many to roll their eyes through my 45 years.

I am in the middle of a huge transition and I thank the few who have stayed with me. You know who you are and you know what an anchor you have been for me. It does take a small village. ☺️

Life is funny. For the longest time I held on to the past, to the victim, the excuses, the asking myself why do I care so much when there is nothing there to care for. I’ve apologized a millions times to people to only continuously be smacked down again and again. What am I doing? That stops today. I no longer will explain myself and I no longer will put up with hate, negative energy, or anyone who doesn’t lift me up.

Some may think that’s selfish, but then they probably had already thought that anyhow.

I forgive those who hurt me, who didn’t know they hurt me, who continue to hurt me and I move on.

If you find me cold or distant it’s ok.... I’m just in love with myself and have finally figured out that life is to short to give a fuck about small petty shit. The reality is, I won’t be cold if the energy I’m receiving is warm.

A lot has happened in the past and today I say goodbye to all of that. My Dad, who I now know adores me and is in love with my life, I finally have closure. For family members who have hurt me, supported me, who never understood me.... I love you, forgive you and thank you. You all made me who I am today and I no longer blame you. Most of the time you did not know any better anyhow. I now live by the saying when you know better you do better..... if you don’t, I ask you to leave. Everyone must strive to be better!!

For friends and lovers and everyone in between. Life changes, and so do we! Thank god, right!? Everyone has shaped who I am today and however long or short it was that we were together, you made me a better person and for that I will be forever grateful.

It is time now for my next chapter. One that inspires, lifts up and only allows good energy around me. I welcome everyone who is on that same path!! Today creates tomorrow and the present is what we have. Let’s live it to the fullest and forget all the baggage and the stories.

If you would like to work through similar issues or have familiar feelings yourself please reach out as I would be honored to work with you one on one.  

Love and Light,

Coach Tim