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An Update about TEN

Tim Stahl

Timothy is heading back to business school on January 11th to stay on top of the ever changing world of nutrition and to bring only the best information to his clients.
Timothy will be heading to Las Vegas for the Arbonne conference in March where he will learn about all the new healthy products being revealed and better develop his skills as a leader in the health profession so he can achieve the best results with all of his clients.
Timothy went vegan for nearly all of 2013 and his health soared! After much consideration and since November 2, 2015, Timothy decided to go back to being vegan. Although TEN truly believes in bio-individuality, for him, this is where he feels his best. So for 2016 TEN and Timothy are entering an amateur vegan body building competition, hopefully in Honolulu on June 11th. Stay tuned to watch Timothy's transformation through TEN where he will prove to himself and the world that a plant-based diet is not only viable for body building but the healthiest way to achieve such goals. He will break apart myth after myth of what it means to build muscle and be healthy.

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