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About my journey... What's yours?

Tim Stahl

TEN is my baby and these first three years have been mainly about me. I went back to school to learn nutrition in order to take better care of myself. My body was failing me and I wasn't feeling good at all. I went through sickness for years (puking, colds, asthma) and as an HIV positive individual my t-cells hovered around 400, not to mention the hideous depression that kept rearing its ugly face. This may be a shock to some because on the outside, when I wasn't calling in sick or canceling on someone, I was putting on a façade of "I'm fine and everything is great," when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. After endless doctor appointments, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, a few MRI's on the brain and the body, countless evaluations leading to the same blah feelings I said enough is enough. I took matters into my own hands and went to nutrition school.
I could not have asked for better results over the past few years. I stopped having severe colds and certainly never have the flu. My brain fog has disappeared and it feels like a curtain has been drawn back from my eyes. I can see the light of day better than ever before with endless energy. My laughter is back and my vomiting has stopped along with my acid reflux.  The best thing that has ever happened is that I sleep for the first time in ten years with no sleeping pills. It's like having a whole new life. My blood work is phenomenal and my t-cells now hover around 1,000 (normal is 1,200) and it's important to note that my HIV meds have remained the same throughout most of this time. What was the shift? Taking a holistic approach to wellness that includes whole foods, exercise and loving life. It's not always easy but I never want to go back to the suffering I was going through. I'm telling you now, you don't have to suffer and it's easy and simple to do.
With TEN 2.0, I want to help more people with whatever they may be battling. If it's not HIV, it doesn't matter because whatever it is, ultimately, we all want to be happy, be heard and be healthy.
So join me on my vegan journey and I will help you on yours, whatever journey that may be. Let's find out together.
Happy New Year!!