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What is your WHY? What is your PURPOSE?

Tim Stahl

TEN celebrates a vegan lifestyle. It was not always this way. Four years ago Tim was the biggest meat and cheese eater on the planet, ask my friends and family. I have only been vegan for the past two and half years. Why? I was killing myself. Pure selfishness, I have a disease, and I needed to get it under control. Ironically, it was this disease that saved my life. I am healthier now than when I was HIV negative. The question is, What is your WHY?

Once I saw my disease reverse course , I saw my entire life open up to new possibilities. I attended Main Street Vegan Academy this past Fall and over the past few years saw exactly what we are doing to innocent animals with no voices of their own and the destruction we are causing to our planet. I said enough is enough. If you don’t have a disease, GOOD, start anyway and you will be ahead of the ball for what’s to come. 

You might say to yourself, “what can I alone possibly do to help? ” A LOT! By you taking responsibility for what you choose to eat you can change the world. It all starts with you, as cliché as that sounds. Be selfish about it, I was. It is your own health, one body, take care of it. I bet you take better care of your car than you do your body? Start with meatless Mondays, move to eating meat once a week, a month, go vegetarian. Find what works for you. Allow me to coach you through this and together you will see amazing results.

Check out these uniquely American statistics:

  1. 1/3 are obese, costing the U.S., $147 billion per year in medical expenses
  2.  Only 20% of Americans get even the MINIMUM aerobic and muscle strengthening activity recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (and this isn’t nearly what one should be doing weekly for exercise)
  3.  42% say they are not managing their stress well, while 20% say they do nothing to manage their stress
  4. 1 in 5 have no emotional support system
  5. 1 in 3 are chronically stressed on the job

What are we doing? We are a sick country screaming for help. Stress, unhappiness, anxiety, depression are all symptoms of a population who have not put healthy food as a priority in their lives. Food is the answer to many of these issues. Food changes your chemistry, your genes, your brain functions and your ability to live a happy more fulfilling life. Not drugs, not doctors, not buying things, not yelling, not shooting people, not being right or wrong; just eating healthy whole foods, preferably without meat and dairy.


Going Vegan in 2018!

Tim Stahl

TEN Warriors,

It’s time. It’s time to take a stand for love, for peace, for zero judgement and as much harm reduction as humanely possible. This begins with your health and you can begin this process with me. 

If we can get the entire planet to 80%, heck 60%, of love and compassion then we have solved all our problems. 

There’s a point where everyone would follow, just like every movement in history. Join me, today, begin with yourself. This isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle, a movement towards peace. If we have good health we have everything we ever need.

HIVegan Guru

Tim's Top TEN / Making America Sick Again: Forget about party politics, Trump is bad for your health.

Tim Stahl

Let's face it, the past year in politics has been ugly to say the least. As a certified holistic health coach for TEN, Timothy Eric Nutrition I would like to tell you that voting for Trump is not a healthy decision.

One has a choice every day to make a healthy decision, or not, and there will be individuals who choose the unhealthy candidate in this election.

As your on-line health coach, I want to give you my top TEN reasons why Trump will make America sick.

10) Healthcare

Trump wants to take away health insurance for 20 million U.S. citizens. He has no plan of what to do with these individuals and does not deliver an alternative plan to make America healthier.  Hillary wants to build on Obamacare and bring us closer to universal healthcare. She is also in favor of adding health coaches to your health plan. The health of America will have a direct impact on your own health.

9) Unstable and Inconsistent

Trump is the ultimate flip flopper. He has shifted his views more times than one can keep up with and on a daily basis. His name calling and bullying tactics, as well as his narcissism, will get America into many unnecessary problems, causing our own health to suffer because of the stress of his Presidency. The general consensus is that he is unfit to be our Commander in Chief. You know what you are getting with Hillary – the good, the bad and the flawed – ALL is healthier than Trump.

8)  Love and Peace

Does not promote it, as we all know, and has divided America more than ever. He has spewed more outrageous statements like "we will bomb the shit out of them" and the most famous "we will build a wall." We need bridges, literally and figuratively, not walls. We need to love our neighbor and not hate them and we need to welcome all immigrants and not pick on any one religion. Love and peace will promote a healthy America and a healthy individual and as Hillary says, "We are Stronger together!" AND Love Trumps Hate.

7) Racism

If the KKK has endorsed you, it's just not healthy any way you look at it. Hatred will eat away at the fabric of American life. There is no room for it and will destroy our health. As president, Hillary Clinton will fight to break down all the barriers that hold Americans back and build ladders of opportunity for all people—so that every child in America can live up to his or her God-given potential.

6) HIV/AIDS policies

He has none. We are close to having an AIDS free generation and there is no talk from Trump about his vision to see this happen. And then there's Pence…… I will get to that. Hillary sat down with HIV/AIDS activists and has spelled out a total and complete plan to combat the issue.

Check it out:

5) Marriage Equality

He wants to reverse it. He wants to make 1 million gay couples who are raising 2 million children second class citizens. Inclusion will make for a healthy America, not division and taking away our equality. Hillary believes that all Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans deserve to live their lives free from discrimination.

4) Climate Change

He doesn't believe in it. This should really be number one, but there are others if you can believe it! Enough said with this, we will not be able to live on this planet if we don't make some serious changes to our energy use. Out health is in great danger and Trump will make it worse by not addressing this very serious threat. Hillary says, "I won’t let anyone take us backward, deny our economy the benefits of harnessing a clean energy future, or force our children to endure the catastrophe that would result from unchecked climate change.

3) Trump Orange

Ok, this is silly but I had to. Why is he orange with white around his eyes? I worry that this man tans in a tanning bed with goggles and this is the most unhealthy thing you can do to your body. If he treats his body this way how will he treat our planet? This stupidity will have an impact on all of us. Pants suit and all Hillary is not orange!

2) Pence

This guy is a disaster. Look at Indiana. This is a man who wants to divert HIV/AIDS funds to conversion therapy. For those of you who don't know……this is praying the gay away. Not healthy by any means. Don't get me started. Who doesn't love Tim Kaine!?

1) Nuclear

This man wants to know why we haven't used our nuclear weapons. Nuclear bombs will kill us all and that my folks would be the end of civility and the end of your health altogether. Our nuclear weapons are safe on Hillary's watch. She got Bin Laden without them, steady and strong.

My overall point is that Hillary is a steady and strong leader. Someone who you can leave alone and know she will get her shit done and fight for every American. Our stress level and embarrassment will be at a minimum, which will be good for our overall health, because once the election is over we want to go back to a bit of normalcy and Trump would be anything but.

TODAY! Healthy Happy Hour!

Tim Stahl

The Healthiest Happy Hour you've ever been too is TODAY from 1-4pm! Learn about TEN and test out some of Arbonne's fabulous products. Get some tips on how you can loose weight, gain muscle, feel better while looking younger and all sorts of juicy information. You may even get a fun gift if you you play your cards right! Please RSVP to