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2020 OR BUST



TEN is a proud partner of 2020 or Bust. TEN and The HIVegan Guru knows the number one threat to the security and health of our planet is the climate crisis we are in and that time is running out. We have three years as individuals to take serious action before the point of no return. No one is going to save us but ourselves. This is where this movement and you come in. Take these three actions NOW!




Our Message 
The future is not scripted and it belongs to you. Should we choose to claim it, each of us has the say in the
future of our climate. When every man and woman says “Climate change is mine to resolve,” the trajectory of the future will shift. 

Our Mission 
"The mission of 2020 or Bust is to align the global community on the next three years as our make-it-or-break-it
window of opportunity in which to radically interrupt the current emissions trend and get us on track to end the
crisis in time; to generate the thinking, planning and action that will close the gap between where we’ll predictably be in 2020 and where we need to be for us to be on track for a sustainable future.”

Our Strategy 
Awareness -- Disrupt the mindset that limits people from seeing what’s actually happening and from taking
the actions that would allow us to respond effectively to this emerging crisis.

Opportunity -- Wake people up to the importance of the next three years – our window of opportunity in which
to reverse the current emissions trend sufficiently to get us on track to a sustainable future.

Action -- Offer opportunities to act that give people a sense of their own power, what they can do and what
their actions contribute to the 2020 outcome. This initiative will be mobilized through local 2020 or Bust
Chapters worldwide and involve both collective individual actions and collaborative organizational partnerships.