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You know what to do, let me help you navigate the path on getting there!

reignite the flame and sparkle!

I created ten in 2014 knowing there was a lack of individual and group support for warriors who have a compromised immune system when it comes to health and wellness, specifically nutrition. I take a holistic integrative approach with you, changing key habits. My truth bombs will set you free and bring your sparkle back.

I am the HIVegan Guru who is personable, peaceful, and freakin funny.

If you are coachable please allow me the opportunity to be your game-changer. you are not alone, you got this, and no matter what anyone says, all that matters is how you feel and what you do to live your best life.

As a global enthusiast and health coach extraordinaire, my mission is to continue to make an important impact on the planet through holistic integrative coaching, leading by example.


Coach Tim

Seriously though, farts, although natural and everyone does it, can be annoying if it happens frequently. It is a way your body tells you something is off. As your coach, we tackle this issue together finding the right balance that works for you while solving the issue. Whatever you are dealing with we work together to find a solution that works. I am not perfect and I do not pretend to be, but I certainly have been through enough and have learned enough to coach you through any difficulties. I give you my word.
— Coach Tim

TEN is featured in Metrosource for the month of Pride discussing HIV Health and Wellness!

TEN is featured in Metrosource for the month of Pride discussing HIV Health and Wellness!

A Wakeup Call You Must Answer!

HIV is no joke. The meds can be tough on the body. Although they are saving our lives and allowing us to live as long as our HIV negative counterparts, they age us significantly. Our organs are always on super overdrive and continually inflamed. Being positive gives us a smaller window to make mistakes with our health. When living with HIV, we are at risk for all sorts of complications including cancers, heart and kidney disease, skin disorders, anxiety and depression. Not to mention, we have a significantly increased likelihood of having dementia and Alzheimer’s. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of what it means to age with HIV.

My intention is to be a coach for you as you navigate what comes next after the meds and the doctor appointments are all under control. I care about your health and can coach you on how to live your best life, being thankful – even grateful – that you have HIV……….


Timothy Eric, Certified Health Coach, Brooklyn, NY

7 yrs ago... MEAT VS. VEGAN

I am certainly less inflamed and living the life from the looks of the picture on the right! It is a process, I'm not going to lie, nor sugar coat things. It takes a village and I want to be a part of yours.

Certified Health Coach in New York, NY


Tim graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, in 2013 and is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP. Most recently, Tim was trained by Victoria Moran at the Mainstream Vegan Academy and is specialized as a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach. Tim is known as the HIVegan Guru in NYC and although he never pushes any one lifestyle on his clients, as a certified health coach in Brooklyn, NY, he does get to the root of any health issues one may be facing.

 TEN believes in protecting the planet through sustainable integrative nutrition and works with individuals as a certified health coach to stop the progression of any disease they may have, and more importantly, help to prevent a disease from happening at all. Tim is uniquely qualified to help individuals to optimize their immune system all while lowering stress and increasing energy through his many immunity programs.

Top TEN interesting facts about HIV


We are all shaped by our genetic heritage and upbringing, and if we do nothing significant to alter our exisiting wiring, we will continue to go through life with the same attitudes, perspectives, beliefs, and patterns of thinking we always had. For those of us who are HIV positive, we have the ability to dramatically change the structure of these genes to help us live longer and healthier lives, especially now that we are growing older and have the potential of living as long as our HIV negative brothers and sisters.

These new findings in neuroscience tell us we can override our own genetic code - that if we learn how to gain access to the power center of our brian, where those attitudes, beliefs, and established thought patterns are stored, we can actually rewrite our genetic code. In terms of being HIV positive, or having any other disease, we can change the make up of our body to help control the disease. We can prevent inflammation, brain fog, side effects, depression, anxiety, skin problems and even restless nights. Most importantly, as we age we can prevent cancers, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and even dementia by taking specific measurable actions daily that will have a huge impact on the quality of our lives.


Why? Think about it, you know your numbers, you see your doctor every four months......who else does this!? HIV saved my life and if you hire me we can talk about how it can save yours.

Think about this: your nutritional status is as important as knowing your HIV status. When your body is deprived of nutrients, viral infections can cause serious, even fatal diseases that don't occur when your nutrition is optimal. Immunity, when optimized, can ward off infection; and if infection does occur, it is more likely to have a harmless outcome.

Now, if you read between these lines, one could concur that if you weren't nutrient deficient, your body would be like superman and fight off any invasion such as HIV. This blew my mind away the first time I learned this, but this is not my point. What is important is that now that you are positive, or have cancer, or diabetes, it is integral that you do everything possible, use all the information out there, to live the highest nutritional excellence that you possibly can. This should be your mission in life if you so choose to accept it, and I am your HIVegan Guru in making that happen.

Now if you read even further into this, if you don't have a disease, then it is still in your best interest to live a life full of high nutrient excellence as to attempt to prevent anything from invading your body. Basically, we all want optimal performance, to live a long and healthy life and that is where I coach you and change your life forever.

This means that eating a micronutrient-rich-diet, with no deficiencies, may be the most critical factor in our ability, individually, to combat emerging infections; with the weapon of good nutrition, we enable our body to have control over viral replication. Doing this, along with taking your HIV medication, will result in the best quality of life you could ever have. A life that would be so much better than if you only took your meds, this I can promise, as I did it for myself.

Let's do this!

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1.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day
2.  Get 6-7 Hours of Sleep
3.  Meditate
4.  Exercise
5.  Love
6.  Let It Go
7.  Live in the Present Moment
8.  80/20, More Whole Foods and Plant-Based Than Not
9.  Listen More Than You Talk



"I coach individuals who are both positive and negative on how to build a strong immune system so they can stay healthy no matter what comes their way" -Tim


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*** It is always important to regularly see your doctor and stay on your meds - my ability to help you comes after seeing your doctor, and in some cases, working with your doctor to find the right solutions.