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TEN is changing the world one client at a time


Tim is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, and is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP. TEN believes in protecting the planet through sustainable integrative nutrition and works with individuals to stop the progression of any dis-ease they may have, and more importantly, help to prevent dis-ease from happening at all. Being HIV positive himself, Tim, a vegan, is uniquely qualified to help individuals to optimize their immune system all while lowering stress and increasing energy through his many immunity programs. 

Top TEN Ways to Begin to Change Your Life Today:

1.  Drink Water All Day
2.  Get 6-7 Hours of Sleep a Night
3.  Meditate
4.  Exercise
5.  Love
6.  Drink at Least One Nutritional Shake a Day
7.  Live in the Present Moment
8.  Eat Fruits and Vegetables Every Day
9.  Listen

"I coach individuals who are both positive and negative on how to build a strong immune system so they can stay healthy no matter what comes their way" -Tim


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